Renegade Bootcamps

High intensity, big results!

Bootcamps are one of the best ways to get fit quick. You’ll never lose focus with one of my structured bootcamps because they are:

  • High intensity
  • Use intervals
  • Organized
  • And most importantly, FUN

Why choose between cardio and resistance training?

My dedicated bootcamp classes give you both. Build stamina, muscle, and your confidence through a 1-hour, high intensity workout.

You aren’t alone

Working out with others helps you push a little harder and reach your fitness goals. Bootcamp classes typically include anywhere from 4-6 others.

They are currently offered in two formats, indoor and outdoor (summer only).

Bring a friend and experience the joy of a high intensity interval circuit and the amazing results it provides.


120$ for 12 sessions (Great Value)
96$ for 8 sessions (Most Popular)
$60 for 4 sessions
$20 for a single session

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